Why did the Ankara metro stop? Is the Ankara metro improved?

Why did the Ankara metro stop? Is the Ankara metro improved?

On the morning of November 10, the Ankara metro stopped. Citizens going to work and school wondered why the Ankara metro was not working. In search engines, when will the Ankara metro be repaired? Has the Ankara metro improved? Why did the Ankara metro stop? questions sought.

Due to malfunction between Yenimahalle and AKM metro stations, citizens are trying to commute to work and school in a ring. Citizens suffer from the density experienced between stops where the metro is out of order. In the capital, flights were disrupted due to the malfunctioning of the metro line.

The flights were interrupted due to a malfunction of the metro line in the direction of the Yenimahalle-Atatürk (AKM) cultural center. EGO bus services were started on the route so that passengers getting off the train felt no grievance, and passengers were directed to the buses. Some passengers, who were struggling to get to work, reacted on the grounds that there were not enough buses allocated.


During routine maintenance work on the line carried out at night between the metro stations of the Akköprü Atatürk Cultural Center, the “Unimog” vehicle derailed in the early morning.

In this process, our citizens were served by buses between Yenimahalle and AKM. However, due to the fact that some roads are closed to traffic and the traffic is heavy, there have been delays in the transport of the crane that will put the “Unimog” vehicle on the tracks and buses that will serve our citizens .

The work of getting the vehicle back on track was completed through intense efforts. In the current situation, the malfunction has been resolved and metro services have restarted. We apologize to our fellow citizens who have suffered. Source: Metro problem solved in the capital


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