Turkish police arrest 42 PKK terrorist hackers in Ankara-based operations


Turkish police on Tuesday arrested 42 hackers carrying out activities on the orders of the PKK terrorist group in Ankara-based operations in 14 provinces.

The operation was carried out within the framework of the investigation launched by the prosecutor of Ankara, reported the news agency Ihlas (IHA), adding that the hackers had accessed confidential information from public institutions and legal entities of the terrorist group PKK.

Forty-two suspects, who allegedly worked for the groups Mezopotamia Hackers and CMG-Team Cold Hackers were arrested in connection with the operation.

The prosecutor’s investigation allegedly revealed that the Mezopotamia Hackers group accessed the web pages of public institutions and legal entities without authorization to carry out terrorist propaganda from 2020 to 2021.

The CMG-Team Cold Hackers was formed after security forces arrested a group of other terrorist hackers. They committed 2,754 breaches or hacking attempts on Turkish public and private websites. They also sent propaganda and threatening emails to ordinary citizens, according to the investigation.

Some 900 victims of PKK terrorist hackers testified in the investigation, according to the report.

The police confiscated digital documents and a firearm, cartridges, organization documents and so-called flags of the terrorist group during the raids.

The detained suspects were transferred to the Anti-Terrorism Unit of Ankara Police Headquarters for testimony.

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