Signatures for the Ankara Technology Bridge Incubation Center

Signatures for the Ankara Technology Bridge Incubation Center

A cooperation protocol has been signed between Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Bilkent CYBERPARK and Bilkent University to transform Dikmen Valley TechBridge Technology Center into an incubation center named “Ankara Technology Bridge”. Speaking at the official ceremony, President Mansur Yavaş said: “I think the most important acceleration of Ankara’s development is in areas such as IT, agriculture, health tourism and tourism. ‘defense industry’.

Continuing its efforts to support the IT sector, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has signed the activation protocol of the incubation center called “Ankara Technology Bridge” in cooperation with Bilkent CYBERPARK and Bilkent University.

The center to be carried out at the Dikmen Valley TechBridge Technology Center, it aims for individual entrepreneurs and incubating companies that are planning to take a step in entrepreneurship or have just taken a new step to be transformed into qualified companies that have reached the level of marketing and will contribute to the economy of the country by giving them the support they need.


At the protocol signing ceremony held at the presidency, ABB President Mansur Yavaş, Bilkent University Rector Prof. Dr. Kürşat Aydoğan and Bilkent Cyberpark General Manager Faruk İnaltekin, have signed it.

In his statement at the signing ceremony, ABB Chairman Mansur Yavaş said that they will have done beneficial work for both Ankara and the country’s economy with the cooperation protocol.

“I think the most important acceleration for Ankara’s development is agriculture, IT, health tourism and defense industry. Computing, at the point where it has arrived in the world today, is capable of surpassing them all with one software and one application, and it is clear that this will continue to increase. Therefore, while there are so many beautiful, world-class universities in Ankara, we had to lead the way without leaving the students who grew up here. We actually open the second one as a field. Another is in preparation, the third in this regard, and we have already reserved an area of ​​20 decares in Çayyolu, and we have put a development plan there as a technological center, so that we do not want our students who study in Ankara and graduated from Ankara to get out of Ankara. If we can unite them with the business world in Ankara and organize an organization on how they can help each other, I think we will have done a beneficial job for both Ankara and the economy of the country.


Rector of Bilkent University, Prof. Dr. Kürşat Aydoğan, meanwhile, pointed out that the incubation center is an important step in making Ankara the technology capital and continued as follows:

“I am from Ankara, I see myself as from Ankara. I was born, raised, studied and worked in Ankara. I was very saddened by the recent departure of some public institutions from Ankara to Istanbul. In my opinion, this is a very important step to make Ankara the technology capital of Turkey, this incubation center. The defense industry is mainly in Ankara, which is a great advantage. We must go further. It is very important to conduct research on technology-based companies that can do much more applications than our Ankara, and reveal the companies. We have universities that can support them as infrastructure. Fortunately, the municipality also opens up all kinds of opportunities and supports universities and technoparks in this regard. Let Ankara be Turkey’s technology capital. We are already at the forefront of this. In fact, why not name a place in the world? Therefore, I consider this incubation center very important.


With the Centre, it is expected that individual entrepreneurs and incubating businesses that are planning to take a step towards entrepreneurship or have just taken a new step, will transform into qualified businesses that have reached the level of commercialization and will contribute economically to our country by giving them the support they need.

In the incubation center, young entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, especially university students and academicians, will be welcomed by incubation companies that are not yet overcrowded. The center is not only a physical space, but also for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs; Supports such as advising, mentoring, business development meetings, investment environment and events will be provided.

Entrepreneurs will be supported in many areas, from grants and incentives to labor law and contract law, from financial activities to intellectual property rights, from business development and from access to potential customers to access to investment.


The incubation center, which has a total area of ​​4 square meters, is located on the bridge connecting the two sides of the Dikmen Valley. There is a 350 square meter coworking space in the center. In addition, there are 800 closed offices of 1800 square meters and spaces that can be used as laboratories (workshops).

In addition to closed offices, spaces that will contribute to the development and socialization of entrepreneurs such as meeting rooms, seminar-activity rooms, workshops, green rooms, sound and production studios will be set up.


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