Mariza, passionate voice of fado, will perform in Istanbul, Ankara


Portuguese singer Mariza, one of the world’s music divas who offers her listeners a musical journey, will perform at the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) in Istanbul and CSO Ada Complex in Ankara as part of the Beyoğlu Festivals and Baskent Culture Road. The concerts will take place on October 2 and 3, respectively.

Mariza is a Portuguese Mozambican singer who nurtured her soul in the Mouraria city of Lisbon. Receiving the title from the Portuguese State of the artist who best represents the culture of the country abroad, Mariza was declared “Voice of Fado” in 1999 by the foundation named after the legendary fado singer Amalia Rodrigues.

Mariza’s third studio album “Transparente” has been released in over 35 countries.

Three words sum up Mariza and her singing, which adds a contemporary interpretation to the fado tradition and has been inscribed on UNESCO’s cultural heritage list: Passionate, elegant and sensual. Mariza says fado is not just music, it’s a feeling. “I didn’t choose this music, it was my destiny,” she added.

Mariza will meet her fans in Istanbul and Ankara thanks to the editions of the Turkish Culture Route Festivals, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in these cities.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Türkiye has preserved and maintained the cultural heritage as a whole through its tangible and intangible efforts which are presented to the world through the many important strategic events throughout the year. Among these events, the Culture Road Festivals aim to draw attention to the cultural, architectural and historical heritage of the cities where they are organized and to introduce different cultural experiences. The first of the Turkish Culture Road Festivals was first held in Istanbul last year under the name “Beyoğlu Culture Road Festival”. The Beyoğlu Festival launched its second edition earlier this year with the Başkent Culture Road Festival held simultaneously in the Turkish capital Ankara.

Beyoğlu and Başkent festivals will be held at the same time between October 1 and 23 in Istanbul and Ankara once again. Over 6,000 artists in 46 different venues will meet art lovers in over 1,000 events during the Beyoğlu Culture Road Festival. The AKM, heart of the festival, will welcome Istanbulians on their cultural and artistic journey with all its venues. Başkent Festival will also offer a rich array of culture and art. Residents of Ankara and residents of surrounding cities will be treated to a unique cultural and artistic experience for 23 days with various events ranging from concerts to exhibitions, sports competitions and interviews.

Mariza will bring both festivals to life with her spellbinding concerts where she will perform some of her most popular songs as well as material from her latest album.

In 2004 Mariza performed the song

In 2004, Mariza performed the song “A Thousand Years” with the famous artist Sting in the official album recorded for the Olympic Games.

The career of Voice of Fado

After her debut album, “Fado Em Mim” (“Fado in Me”), released in 2001, reached four times platinum sales in Portugal, Mariza began to attract attention on international platforms and won first place in the “Best Performance” category at the Festival d’été de Québec in 2002. The same year, she gave sold-out concerts in New York’s Central Park, the Womad Festival, London South Bank and Lisbon Mariza, who became the new fado star of the new generation with the ‘Best Artist’ award at the BBC Europe World Music Awards in 2003, says she finds herself through fado.

Mariza rose to worldwide fame with her all-time best-selling fado album “Fado em Mim”. Then she won the German Critics Awards 2001-2003, the European Breakers Award 2003, Portugal’s Personality of the Year Award 2003 and the Coup de Coeur Mirror Award. -Prix Canada 2003. In her second album, “Fado Curvo”, she described fado as music that is not flat like life but has passion, love and ups and downs.

Mariza has been described by foreign journalists in Portugal as an artist who introduces Portuguese culture to a wide audience, with consecutive concerts in Europe and North America and performances in the most prestigious concert halls of the Royal Hall of London at the Alte Oper Frankfurt. In 2004, the artist performed the song “A Thousand Years” with the famous artist Sting in the official album recorded for the Olympic Games.

Mariza has performed for her fans in prestigious concert halls around the world on four continents.

Mariza has performed for her fans in prestigious concert halls around the world on four continents.

Mariza’s third studio album “Transparente” has been released in over 35 countries across Europe, Latin America and America. Dedicating her songs to fado legends such as Fernando Mauricio, Carlos do Carmo and Amalia Rodrigues, Mariza tried new songs with other rhythmic forms in this album.

The first Portuguese artist to be nominated for the Grammy Awards, Mariza’s album “Terra” also won the Latin Grammy Awards for Best Folk Music and Best Producer. The Lisbon Symphony Orchestra accompanied the artist in her live album “Concerto em Lisboa”, which she released in November 2006. Playing the lead role in Carlos Saura’s film “Fados”, Mariza shared the nomination in the “Best International Artist” category at the Emma Gala Awards in Finland in 2007 with names such as Robbie Williams, Andrea Bocelli, Basshunter, Iron Maiden and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Also having a huge fanbase in Turkey, Mariza made the album “Mundo” with Grammy award-winning producer Javier Limon and performed the songs of Amalia Rodrigues and tango phenomenon Carlos Gardel with her voice. Mariza met her fans in prestigious concert halls around the world on four continents.

Number one representative of fado with more than 1 million albums sold worldwide, Mariza presented another album bearing her own name in 2018. The same year, she released the duet “Pideme” with Vanesa Martin and the singles “Quem Me Dara” and “Trigueirinha”.

Mariza also celebrated the 20th anniversary of her career and the centenary of the birth of the late “Queen of Fado” Amalia Rodrigues with her album “Mariza Sings Amalia” in 2021. She recently presented the single “Mae” to fans in 2021 .

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