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The ANHA agency interviewed with Deputy Co-Chairman of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Hassan Koçer, talking about the possibility of a convergence of views between Damascus and Ankara, the need for decentralization to resolve the Syrian crisis, and the ISIS/Daesh insurgency once again.

“At the beginning, he spoke about Turkey’s role in Syria, its negative role, that is, its role is to spread sabotage, unthinkable havoc has been caused against infrastructure, huge factories, its objective is not to solve the Syrian crisis, but to exploit what is happening in Syria, even the so-called opposition had become the defenders of “national security”.

Hassan added that “it is obvious that the declarations of the Turkish state on the convergence between the two parties are a total fiasco of its foreign policy. Therefore, we have to make a comparison with the previous statements of the Turkish occupation towards Damascus, accusing the regime of a dictatorial regime and cannot be accepted. Now they have completely changed their position.

During his speech, he emphasized the possibility of a convergence between Damascus and Ankara that could deepen the Syrian crisis more than ever, and we can also say his goal of dividing Syria. Thus, the Syrian regime must ensure that any rapprochement is at the demarcation of borders which is formulated by Turkey, despite the occupied areas living as Turkish states by dealing with the Turkish lira, hoisting flags…etc, which grants to the Turkish occupation the legitimation to occupy these spaces.

Adding “the purpose of this rapprochement is to eradicate the AANES, if that happens, we will see a new war in Syria, which will lead to a new bloody war, but let everyone know why Syria has preserved its identity and its national values ​​under the AANES and the resistance of the SDF, if it had not had this struggle, we would have been divided for years.However, ANNES will defend its territories and Syrian sovereignty at all costs.

Referring to the ongoing external ways to resolve the Syrian crisis, including the Astana meetings, which the governments of Damascus and Ankara are working on so far; “Contrary to what they claim to say, the Astana meetings between Russia and Turkey are a platform to resolve the crisis in Syria,” he said. It’s fake meetings; one can say explicitly that it is about the meetings of destruction of Syria. massacres, destruction and other atrocities, the decisions taken during these meetings are the return of Syrian cities to Turkey. What decisions did these meetings take for the benefit of the Syrian people, of course, These states do not seek to resolve the crisis in Syria, because the solution means that all these states are out of the country. “

Hassan Koçer pointed out that a language and a flag in a central state cannot be imposed on Syria and that is what the government in Damascus seeks to impose, which is not possible. and emphasizing that the only solution is decentralization, which does not mean division, it means that the regions are given broader powers to manage themselves, but the capital, Damascus, will be the center recognized by all departments. There will be coordination in the decentralized state between AANES and Damascus.

He said: “While the SDF is fighting ISIS cells in different parts of Syria, especially in al-Hol camp and al-Sina’a prison, we are witnessing an escalation Turkish attacks against the SDF, it is a clear Turkish message that we don’t accept that our allies fight ISIS The SDF provided 120 martyrs in al-Sina’a prison in order to maintain the global stability in light of Turkey’s attempt to strike this stability.If the Turkish state continues its offensive against the northern and eastern regions of Syria;The world threatens to live in instability due to the practices of the Islamic State and the Turkish state.

Regarding the duplication of international relations with Turkey and the ISIS file, he said: “Unfortunately, the NATO states claim to fight ISIS within the coalition formed; if Turkey is part of this alliance, how does the ‘ISIS can be so clearly supported, how can the international community accept this, it is unacceptable and unreal, it shows that there are countries which do not want to confront Turkey politically and put forward counter-positions in Ankara; there are commercial relations between these states and Turkey, which explains their silence on Turkey’s practices against the SDF.”

“If these countries clarify their position on ISIS, they must also clarify their position on Turkey, the gathering of terrorism cannot be fought and the source of terrorism ignored.”

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