Gold-plated chest from Roman times, gold coin found near Ankara


Turkish authorities have seized an important historical artifact during an operation in the central Turkish town of Çorum, near the capital Ankara. The gold-plated chest and a gold coin recovered during the operation were initially believed to belong to the Prophet Solomon, known as King Solomon in Christianity and Judaism and who is also an important religious and historical figure.

The Provincial Directorate of Security, Directorate for Combating Smuggling and Organized Crime, has launched a technical and physical investigation following reports that someone was trying to sell the illegally obtained historical artifacts, according to a written statement. from the local governor’s office.

The vehicle belonging to the suspect, which had been under surveillance for some time, was stopped in the city center by authorities. During the search of the vehicle, a gold-plated chest and a gold coin were seized.

The suspect was taken into custody.

Upon examination by experts from the Çorum Museum Directorate, it was determined that the two items were among the 11 pieces of historical artifacts previously found at Amasya in 2017, which originally belonged to the Prophet Solomon and also contained the seal of Solomon. However, when dated, the artifacts were determined to actually belong to the Roman period, which is quite a long way from when King Solomon was believed to be alive.

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