Battle of Ankara: Luthando “lootlove” shosha hosts Honey TV’s brand new fashion contest


South African TV and radio darling Luthando “LootLove” Shosha is hosting a brand new TV fashion design competition, Battle of Ankara. The show, which is filmed at FEDISA Fashion School in Cape Town and shown on DStv’s HONEY channel (173) every Friday at 4pm, brings together ten of Africa’s most talented designers to battle for the top spot in a contest inspired by Ankara fabric. Shosha brings an edgy but appropriate feel to the show, which is unlike some of the work she’s done before.

We caught up with the host to find out more about the show.

The shows you’ve done before were quite different; is doing a show like Battle of the Ankara different?

This is my first time hosting a show of this caliber and it was so interesting to experience a competition on the other side, both as a judge and as a host. It really opened my eyes to the talent we have and how you really contribute to someone’s future.

What was the most exciting part of filming the series?

Watching the talent grow, watching these designers discover new sides of themselves and also watching them become a family.

Where do you think the future of African fashion is headed?

I think the most exciting thing about African fashion today is “boldness”. Africa really is where all the creativity is and right now the designers are braver than ever, bolder than ever and literally fearless. African fashion takes over the world, not the background… It finally comes to the fore and stands proudly.

What three things are you obsessed with right now?

It’s terrible to admit, but my fangs, my fingers are waving and bringing “The Woman”.

Where to go now for LootLove?

At the TOP (Laughs). More seriously, this phase of my life is really about just being present.

Catch the Battle of Ankara Friday every Friday at 4pm on DStv 173. Watch the promo here and follow @honeyafricatv in line.


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