Ankara hosted the “Capital Ankara Run”

Ankara hosted the “Capital Ankara Run”

Ankara hosted the “Capital Ankara Run”, which was organized to commemorate the 99th anniversary of its capital. Many athletes and citizens, from 7 to 70 years old, took part in the race organized in Lake Eymir with the slogan “Become a disaster volunteer and run after life”, and messages of disaster awareness were also distributed.

While the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality supports sports activities to increase the interest of the citizens of the capital in sports, it also raises awareness about these activities.

Ankara hosted the Capital Ankara Run, which was organized to commemorate the 99th anniversary of its capital. At the event, disaster awareness messages were disseminated on the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction on October 13 and attention was drawn to breast cancer with stalls, slogans and brochures distributed.


About 99 people participated in the race organized by ABB’s Seismic Hazard Management and Urban Improvement Department, Youth and Sports Services Department, Turkish Foresters Association and Science Tree Foundation to draw attention to both the 600th anniversary of Ankara’s transformation into the capital and disaster awareness.

The race, which was held at Eymir Lake with the slogan “Become a disaster volunteer and run after life”, was held in the 10K and 5K categories.
In the Başkent Ankara Run men’s 10K category, Bahattin Üney, 1st Hakan Çoban and 2nd Alper Demir; Ümmü Kiraz came in first, Gamze Bulut Mural came in second, and Semra Karaslan came in third in the women’s category.

In the 5K category, Emir Berke Murathan became 1st, Mehmet Kalyoncu and Bekirhan Kabadayı became 2nd in the male category. In the women’s category, Hatice Yıldırım took first place, Ezgi Kaya took second place, and Duygu Dalbudak took third place.


Participating in the Capital Ankara Run, which began with the commemoration of citizens who lost their lives in the mine explosion in Bartın, ABB Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Kemal Çokakoğlu said:

“It is held in the organization of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality as part of awareness days for natural disasters and breast cancer precautions. It is also extremely important that the event coincides with Ankara’s 99th anniversary as the capital…”

Mutlu Gürler, Head of the Department of Seismic Risk Management and Urban Improvement, said: “Since the day our department was established, we have strengthened its staff and organized many events to create social awareness. to prepare cities for disasters and make society more disaster-responsive On the occasion of the 99th anniversary of Ankara’s accession to the capital and the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, the October 13, we organize the Capital Ankara Run in collaboration with the Foresters Association of Turkey and the Science Tree Foundation.With the support of the Athletics Federation, 600 people from all over Turkey participated.I want to thank all the world, especially our President Mansur Yavaş, for this event that we organized to raise awareness”, while Mustafa Artunç, Head of Youth Services Department e and sports, said: ongoing. There is intense participation in the race, which makes us very happy. As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue to increase all our activities to make sports accessible to everyone from 99 to 7.” said.


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