Uruguayan Senate suspends appointment of ambassador to Ankara


MONTEVIDEO (MercoPress )– The Uruguayan Senate unanimously agreed on Tuesday not to act on its advice and consent regarding the appointment of Hugo Cayrús as the country’s next ambassador to Ankara following the embarrassing incidents caused in Montevideo by the minister Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

The decision was brought up by the opposition senator of the Broad Front (Frente Amplio – FA), Liliam Kechichian, at whose request the Upper House agreed to refer the file to the International Affairs Committee.

Cayrús “is a career ambassador that we hold in high esteem, it’s more of a reason for expediency,” explained Kechichian, who has previously confessed that she would prefer this appointment to be parallel to that of ambassador to Armenia.

Çavuşoğlu had shown his fingers in a gesture linked to Turkey’s far-right Gray Wolves group, a group of Armenians opposing his presence in the Uruguayan capital days before another anniversary of the 1915 Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Empire, from which Ankara admitted descent.

The Turkish minister was in Montevideo to attend the opening of the new embassy and also to sign the documents marking the start of negotiations for a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA).

The Senate is now waiting for Foreign Minister Francisco Bustillo to report on the current state of relations with Turkey after the incident. Cayrús already appeared a few weeks ago before the Senate International Affairs Committee to present his curriculum vitae and a work plan.

Earlier this week, Çavuşoğlu claimed his gesture was “the necessary response” to the protesters’ “unpleasant attitudes”.

“After these unacceptable and ugly attitudes, we provided the necessary response,” Çavuşoğlu said, according to Turkish media Hurriyet.

The minister also said he did not consider her attitude an insult. “We said we had to look to the future,” he added.


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