Upcoming Moldavian days in Ankara to exhibit local dances and music


The Turkish capital will be the scene of four days of traditional Moldovan dances, music, exhibitions and culinary delights next week to promote and showcase the country’s culture.

“We want the Turkish people to get closer to Moldovan culture,” Moldovan Ambassador to Ankara Dmitry Croitor said.

“On November 23, the most famous Moldovan dance group, JOC, will come to Turkey. The next day, a renowned instrumental music group, Lautari, will perform at the Presidential Symphony Orchestra,” Croitor pointed out.

The YCW Moldovan academic dance community has visited 80 countries but has not yet been to Turkey, he said.

He added that on November 27-28, a band from the Autonomous Moldavian Region of Gagauzia called Kadınca will come to perform at Kentpark and Armada shopping malls.

Croitor highlighted the friendly relations between the two countries and recalled that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited the country in 2018 when signing a strategic partnership. In 2019, Moldovan President Igor Dodon visited Turkey to attend the first meeting of the Turkish-Moldovan High Level Strategic Cooperation Council.

In addition, since 2018, Turkish and Moldovan citizens can travel to each other’s countries only with identity cards. Both countries also boast of having a free trade agreement.

In 2021, 51 Turkish businessmen came to Moldova, three official visits took place and 14 events were organized, Croitor said.

“I want more Turkish businessmen to come to Moldova,” the ambassador said, stressing that this would create an increase in employment as the country struggles against high migration of young people to find jobs abroad. ‘foreigner. “Today, 1,300 Turkish companies operate in Moldova.”

“We are also working for more tourists from Turkey to Moldova,” he said. The envoy explained that 300,000 tourists come to Turkey from Moldova while the number of Turkish tourists visiting Moldova is only 30,000 per year. The ambassador is aiming for 100,000 tourists in the near future.

On the other side, Moldova is also trying to sell more local products to Turkish products, he added. Croitor recalled that Erdoğan had promised that one of Turkey’s biggest banks would open a branch in Moldova.

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