Two more suspects arrested in Ankara cemevi bombings


The number of detainees in the Ankara cemevi bombings has risen to three as police units launched a hunt to find out who ordered the bombings.


On July 30, Ahmet Ozan K., an unemployed man from the western province of Izmir, attacked three Alevi prayer houses, known as “cemevi”, in the capital Ankara in a series of raids carried out during 45 minutes.

He was arrested while trying to flee to Eskişehir province and in his testimony he admitted that “no one told him to do so”.

However, after an interrogation, the counter-terrorist police units arrested two other suspects, involved in the attacks, one in Izmir, the other in Eskişehir.

The police also discovered that the attacks were planned and K. had made a reconnaissance trip to Ankara before the attacks and listed the addresses of the cemevis.

It is alleged that the suspect arrested in Eskişehir once participated in the activities of a group linked to the DHKP-C, a far-left Marxist-Leninist communist party founded in 1978 and involved in a militant campaign against Turkey since the 1980s .

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu called the attacks “an attempted planned provocation” and added: “This provocation aimed at [the country’s] unity will be severely punished.


According to local reports, police units have launched a hunt to discover the “real criminals” who organized and ordered the attacks.

“The Alevi congregation will not be deceived and give an opportunity to those who target the brotherhood in Turkey,” said Özdemir Özdemir, head of the Turkmen Alevi and Bektashi Foundation.

“This is not an attack on Alevis alone. This is an attack on all Turkish citizens,” he added.


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