Türkiye Cultural Route Festivals Grow with Capital Ankara


Türkiye Culture Route festivals surge as number of cities included in culture, history and arts promotion project reached eight, Tourism and Culture Minister said on Tuesday , Mehmet Nuri Ersoy.

Speaking to reporters at the events kick-off meeting at CSO Ada Ankara, the minister reiterated that the festival started last year with the Beyoğlu Culture Road Festival and was followed by the Ankara culture route. Next year, the cities of Izmir, Gaziantep and Adana will also be included.

This year, Troya Culture Road Festival in western Çanakkale province, Konya Mystical Music Festival and Sur Culture Road Festival in Diyarbakır have been added to the list.

The Çanakkale Culture Road Festival held from September 16 to 25 has come to an end, while the Konya Mystical Music Festival started on September 22 and will run until September 30.

The Türkiye Culture Route Festivals aim to revive cultural heritage and bring Turkish citizens closer to the country’s culture and history while aiming to improve tourism and contribute to the local economy of the region. Festivals include a wide range of activities including concerts, art exhibitions, theaters and workshops that attendees can experience along a walking route in the specific province.

The minister pointed out that as the high season in Çanakkale is coming to an end, the festival has helped revive the province and support traders.

“The festival began with the march of the procession “The Trojans have arrived” on September 16 with the participation of thousands of people, including actors wearing costumes reflecting the Trojan period and villagers from villages such as Tevfikiye and Çıplak who are the ‘Contemporary Trojans,'” the minister said.

The minister explained that during the festival, five large outdoor stages were also set up. “About 25,000 people watched the Trojan show of ‘Fire of Anatolia’, which took place on the first day of the festival at Anatolian strongholds Hamidiye, our biggest stage. More than 35,000 art lovers attended our closing concert.

Ersoy said that in addition to artistic and historical events, sporting events also took place, including a cycling trip as well as diving in the historic underwater park of Gallipoli and a marathon.

Meanwhile, artists from many countries, ranging from Spain to Germany and Uzbekistan to India, bring together different beliefs and cultures with art lovers in Konya through the power of music.

At the festival, which is held from September 22 to 30 as part of the 815th anniversary of the birth of Sufi philosopher Mevlana Jalaladdin Rumi, musicians Cengiz Özkan from Türkiye, Jordi Savall from Spain, the El-Hadra Ensemble from Egypt , Teyyub Aslanov from Azerbaijan, Ensemble Pera from Germany, Nasiba Abdullayeva from Uzbekistan, Dhruv Sangari from India and Hesameddin Seraj from Iran will perform at the Selcuklu Congress Center. At the festival, which has become the meeting point for mystical music from various parts of the world, people from Konya and those from surrounding cities will be able to enjoy different types of music through open-air concerts.

Beginning of Ankara and Beyoğlu festivals

Ankara Culture Road Festival and Beyoğlu Culture Road Festival will start on October 1 and end on October 23.

More than 6,000 artists and more than 1,000 events in 51 different locations in Istanbul will meet art lovers in 88 halls and five open-air stages.

“The Istanbul Film Museum will host the most comprehensive exhibition of cult director Stanley Kubrick to date,” the minister announced.

“The selection specially prepared by the Michelin Guide for Istanbul will be announced at a ceremony during the Istanbul festival on October 11,” the minister added, noting that in this year’s festivals, various events in the field of gastronomy will also take place. square.

The Ankara Culture Route Festival, meanwhile, will take place at 70 different points along a 4.7-kilometer (2.92-mile) route that includes the Ulus district, which has a deep-rooted history. , and the surrounding historical and cultural sites. . The festival will bring together Ankara residents and art lovers from surrounding cities with nearly 5,000 artists in more than 500 events.

The reason why the festivals are organized in “culture routes” is to make the places and routes permanent even after the end of the festival, explained the minister and said that art lovers and tourists would know the destination to go to for cultural and artistic activities. .

Ersoy said international attendance is also increasing, while the festivals are also attracting foreign media attention.

He said Turkey is one of the leading countries to engage in promoting the country in 200 countries.

As part of the festival, the 99th anniversary of Ankara’s transformation into the capital will be celebrated with the Seğmen regiment, which will be held with the participation of 1,000 seğmen, the traditional protectors of Ankara.

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