Turkey-Romania cooperation essential for regional peace and stability, Ankara says


Historical ties between Turks and Romanians, strong economic relations, an active presence in regional formats and joint contributions to transatlantic security within the framework of NATO, including through trilateral mechanisms such as the one set up with the Poland, make Turkey and Romania pillars of peace and stability, Ankara said on Sunday.

A joint press release from the Foreign Ministries of the two countries on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the signing of the joint declaration for the strategic partnership between the Republic of Turkey and Romania stated that: “The good neighborly relations between Turkey and Romania traditional line of solidarity in the contemporary history of our region. Our close interaction has made great progress in promoting good-neighbourly relations, peace, stability, regional cooperation and development sustainable economy in the aftermath of the Cold War. It gradually acquired a multidimensional character and evolved into an extensive and multifaceted model of collaboration.”

Stressing that the key roles that Turkey and Romania play in the development and security of the region indicate the strategic elements of their relations, the press release also indicates that the constantly growing interaction and cooperation have resulted in the declaration. of strategic partnership in 2011.

“At the same time, standing together as two good neighbours, we continue to foster security and development in a wider geography, stretching between the Balkans and the Black Sea region. As two strategic partners and allies , we believe that the European and European countries in our region “Atlantic integration plays a crucial role in ensuring lasting peace and stability throughout Europe,” the statement said.

“We are determined to elevate this close relationship to new heights for the benefit of our peoples, allies and partners by expanding its strategic dimension and increasing our resilience in the face of the ever-increasing challenges of the contemporary world,” he added.

Besides security issues, NATO’s eastern flank countries Turkey, Romania and Poland have also focused on various issues, such as Turkey’s talks with the European Union. Romania and Poland have traditionally supported Turkey’s EU membership.

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu stressed the importance of cooperation between Turkey and Eastern and Central European countries in October at a security forum in the Polish capital Warsaw.

He also highlighted the “very important” trilateral mechanism between Turkey, Poland and Romania and said: “We have decided to raise this mechanism to the level of the leaders, and in Turkey next year we will bring together the leaders “.

Asked about continuing tensions between Russia and NATO, Çavuşoğlu said the Black Sea was key to Euro-Atlantic security.

“This is exactly what we do as NATO allies, as well as the Black Sea countries,” he said, adding that this was the “main reason” for establishing of the trilateral cooperation mechanism with Poland and Romania.

“So we have to show our solidarity. Of course, at the same time, we have to be realistic. And we have this two-track approach in NATO towards Russia,” he explained.

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