Turkey: Members of the media will demonstrate in Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara on June 21 and 22

June 21, 2022 | 05:22 UTC

Members of the Turkish media will demonstrate in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir on June 21-22. Increased security, localized disturbances likely.





Organizations and unions representing journalists and other members of the media plan to demonstrate in major cities in Turkey on June 21-22. The organizers denounce a number of parliamentary bills which, according to the media, will, if enacted, amount to media censorship. The following gatherings are expected to be the most disruptive:

June 21st

June 22

Although turnout levels are unclear, attendance could reach the few thousand, especially in Ankara. Smaller gatherings are likely in other urban centers on the affected days. Authorities will deploy additional police to monitor the gatherings. Large crowds and associated security measures could lead to localized travel disruptions. Metro entrances in the Taksim-Tunel-Beyoglu area in Istanbul could be congested before and after the rally in the city on June 21. Significant violence is not expected; however, low-intensity skirmishes between police and demonstrators cannot be ruled out.


Avoid protests as a standard precaution. Follow all instructions from security personnel. Allow extra travel time in affected areas.


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