Turkey expects Germany to cooperate against terror groups: Ankara


Turkey asks Germany not to let any action taken to support the terrorist organization go unanswered and not be allowed, the chairman of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee, Akif Çağatay Kılıç, said on Friday.

Kılıç told Anadolu Agency (AA), ahead of German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock’s visit, that serious support should be given to Turkey as a NATO ally in the fight against the terrorism.

He recalled that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had met President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey in March, and during the meeting the Russian-Ukrainian war, its effects on the global economy and efforts to stop the loss of life been discussed.

Kılıç said that they are in intensive consultation and cooperation with Germany, one of their partners in the European Union, within the framework of the grain corridor agreement signed in Istanbul.

Stating that they cooperate and exchange views with the German government on many international issues such as Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO accession process, he said: “We are continuing our relationship with consultations where we have different points of view from time to time, but there is no serious negativity even though there is a strong coalition so far. Of course, differences of opinion are and will be part of the relationship international.

He said they thought differently about Greece with the new government, as they did with the previous German government. “Because we say, ‘You are spoiling Greece as the EU and they are acting like the spoiled child of the EU. However, Turkey has its own arguments, there are a lot of points where it is right. There is international law, in this context you should assess our relationship with Greece, but they approach it from the perspective of being one of the partners of the union within the framework of EU support. We cannot agree here.”

Kılıç said Germany is an important partner and NATO ally, they work together on many international issues and organizations, and nearly 3 million citizens living in Germany are an effective factor in relations between the two countries.

Recalling that German Foreign Minister Baerbock previously wanted to come to Turkey, but the visit was postponed because she contracted COVID-19 during her visit to India, Kılıç continued: “She will have a meeting with our Minister of Foreign Affairs. this meeting. Of course, many other international issues will be discussed. The NATO membership of Finland and Sweden, the processes related to the implementation of the agreement signed in Madrid. The Russian-Ukrainian war in international relations will certainly be on the agenda. Current issues in grain corridor studies will be assessed. Economic relations between Turkey and Germany, the agreement on the renewal of the customs union will be on the table. There will be consultations on economic and social relations.

Kılıç said that some of the German citizens of Turkish origin living in Germany have dual citizenship and this issue will definitely be on the agenda of the meeting.

“This is a matter that is the responsibility of Germany. We are holding consultations so that our citizens there do not remain in dilemmas and do not have difficulties and that Germany also takes a step in before at this stage. We have received the messages and signals from Germany that it is now seriously possible for this process to progress positively.”

Emphasizing that cooperation and mutual investments can be made with Germany in many fields such as industry, technology, trade, construction, aviation, food, agriculture and tourism, Kılıç said the deputies of the two countries could carry out joint work in the parliamentary assemblies to the point of the parliamentary relations.

Fight against terrorism

Speaking about Turkey’s fight against terrorism, Kılıç pointed out that the inclusion of a document referring to the PKK terrorist organization and its extensions under different names, as well as the Gülenist Terrorist Group (FETÖ), in the final declaration of the NATO summit is a great achievement of Turkey in diplomatic and international relations.

Kılıç made the following assessments referring to the fact that the PKK terrorist organization was listed in the German intelligence report: “We have been saying for a long time that the PKK and those who sympathize with it in Germany have negative attitudes material. . The German authorities also say that they are following up. Measures have begun to be taken. Now we see that, especially for the PKK, Germany does not have accommodation opportunities so easily In this sense, we see that those who have practices, such as collecting extortion from certain NGOs and threatening death, are followed seriously and legal actions are taken against them. expect from Germany that they will continue and increase without compromise. We demand that any measure which supports the terrorist organization and aims to make the terrorist appear innocent is not left unaddressed or authorized. »

“Sometimes, unfortunately, you see the PKK rags being used in Germany. Sympathizers and terrorist elements there take advantage of loopholes in the federal system. They take advantage of this loophole and do some protests. This has decreased compared to the past, but this should be reduced to zero and should not be allowed in any way. Because Turkey, a NATO ally fighting against terrorism, should be seriously supported in this direction,” he added.

Expressing that they regret the intense cooperation of some politicians in Germany with PKK sympathizers residing there, Kılıç said: “It is extremely wrong to support the structures in which the PKK and its affiliates are located, under certain NGOs of facade, as if they support the Unfortunately, we cannot ignore the fact that the arms support provided by Germany to certain terrorist elements in northern Iraq and Syria is used against the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK ), which is a NATO ally and is fighting terrorism.”

Kılıç stressed that Turkey is resolutely fighting with Daesh, the PKK and organizations under different names in the fight against terrorism. He noted that Europe should stand up much more rigidly and harshly against these terrorist organizations which also threaten it.

“Because it will happen and hit them too. They should not think that organizations operating in Germany under the guise of NGOs and sometimes being tolerated do not turn around and lead the German community to unrest. We share this information with them. . It is the responsibility of the German authorities to act on this information and ensure the safety of their own citizens.”

Noting that they told the German authorities that FETÖ is an organization that uses very different elements and conceals itself well, Kılıç said that the terrorist group has more than 20 schools in Germany.

He suggested to the German Ministry of Finance to investigate the proper functioning of these schools, financed by taxes from German citizens. He also draws attention to the fact that Germany shows great tolerance towards FETÖ members who have fled Turkey and taken refuge there.

Kılıç stressed that Germany was beginning to understand Turkey’s concerns about the PKK and FETÖ. However, he added that some politicians could not fully understand how the PKK extensions work under different names and the structure of FETÖ, so they will continue to explain the structure of these organizations and their manipulation activities.

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