TOGG Technology Center for Domestic Automobile in Ankara

ankarada technology center togga domestic automobile

Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) held its regular board meeting at Ankara Technology Research Center.

TOGG Technology Research Center, located on the campus of TOBB University of Economics and Technology, focuses on new technologies as an example of university-industry cooperation. The center, which will integrate skills in the field of electrical and electronics into the mobility system and develop technology, is also focusing on technologies to be used in the domestic SUV, which will go on sale at the end of 2022. headquarters in Ankara on his social media account, TOGG CEO Gürcan Karakaş commented on the center, “The place where user research turns into excellent cutting-edge technology solutions.”

Last month, TOGG carried out a capital increase and increased its registered capital by 846 million TL 774 thousand from 150 million TL to 996 million 774 thousand TL. While Bülent board members Denkdemir and Taha Yasin Öztürk were terminated in the company whose board changed, Tosyalı Holding board chairman Fuat Tosyalı and BMC CEO Murat Yalçıntaş were recruited.


The management of TOGG, of which TOBB chairman Rifat Hisarciklioglu is chairman of the board, changed last month. Tuncay Özilhan is the Vice Chairman of the Board, while Kamilhan Süleyman Yazıcı, Bülent Aksu, Osman Yılmaz, Ahmet Nazif Zorlu, Bekir Cem Köksal, Fuat Tosyalı and Murat Yalçıntaş are board members.


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