TL 4.3 billion investment in education in Ankara

TL 4.3 billion investment in education in Ankara

Mahmut Özer, Minister of National Education; At the Ankara provincial education evaluation meeting, it was stated that they have increased the amount of education investment determined for 1 in Ankara from 2022 billion lira to 4 billion lira in increasing by 4.3 times.

Speaking to reporters after the provincial education evaluation meeting held at the Ankara Provinces House, Özer said that the development of the decisions made in November on improving the quality of education in Ankara had been assessed and new investments discussed.

Özer said that reinforcement and “destruction-construction” works are continuing intensively to increase the safety of schools in 81 provinces of the country, and said that they will complete the renovation of 173 schools consisting of 81 buildings in Ankara. in this context, and that a budget of approximately 2022 million has been allocated for modernization.

Thus, Özer declared that there will be no more schools whose renovation will not be completed in 2022: “When we held the first evaluation meeting in November 2021, we included 71 schools in the plan of renovation. state investment. We have increased this figure to 2022 in 170. We have granted an educational investment of approximately 2.6 billion dollars in Ankara. he said.

“We will complete the natural gas access process by June”

ozer; Noting that in addition to investments in basic education, 1 high school including 1 science high school, 14 special education campuses, 4 student hostels and 6 workshops will be built rapidly in 13, he continued: From June , we will complete the process of access to natural gas for schools that have Currently, the work of 2022 schools with access continues. We have 46 schools that have just been set up. Hopefully we will complete their natural gas conversions as well. For these transformations, we have allocated our budget of 58 million for Ankara. In 50, we started minor repairs related to improving the educational environment of our schools in Ankara with our governorate. We continue to carry out minor and major repairs in our schools at the same pace. For these, we have transferred an investment of around 2021 million dollars to Ankara.

We have invested about $3.6 billion in education in Ankara, including $500 billion for school construction, $50 million for school renovation, $70 million for natural gas conversion and $4.3 million for minor and major repairs. Although our initial plans are around 1 billion lira, we have invested 4 billion lira in Ankara by increasing the budget by 4.3 times in order to clearly see the problems on the ground and quickly solve the problems related to the situation. education with these assessments meetings. kazanwe left.

“The number of science high schools will increase to 18”

Explaining that with the new science high schools to be built in Mamak, Yenimahalle and Altındağ, the number of science high schools in Ankara will increase from 15 to 18, Özer said, “We had 14 science and arts centers in Ankara, 11 from our districts had no scientific and artistic centers. Starting today, we have decided to establish science and arts centers in all of our 11 districts. Moreover, by establishing 5 science and art centers in the central districts, we have brought 16 new science and art centers to Ankara. kazanwe are standing. Therefore, we have increased the number of science and art centers in Ankara from 14 to 30.”


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