The premiere of the film ‘Bandırma Missile Club’ was held in Ankara


TRT General Manager Mehmet Zahid Sobacı, Director Ömer Faruk Sorak, Producer Mustafa Uslu, Actors Deniz Can Aktaş, Aslı Bekiroğlu, Atay Yıldız, Bahtiyar Engin, Tolga Canbeyli, Nizam Namidar, Bartu Mutlu, Başak Akan, Çiçek Acar, Cemaleddin Çekmece and the citizens were present.

In a statement ahead of the gala, TRT General Manager Sobacı said that as Turkey’s public broadcaster, they had made a significant contribution to Turkish and world cinema with co-productions.

Stating that they have pioneered many projects through their support to the film industry, Sobacı said, “Many films co-produced by TRT come back with awards at very important festivals across the world. While these awards encourage us for new productions in the future, they also contribute to the success of TRT cinema today. This indicates where it comes from. said.

Providing information about the Bandırma Missile Club movie, Sobacı said:

“I think this project fulfills a responsibility and a mission in terms of showing how far we have come, especially in terms of supporting young people in the field of technology. The point reached today is another point. Our young people are seriously supported, particularly in the context of national technological change. They also return this support, thanks to them. As the TRT family, we are very happy to support such productions which will help raise a generation aware of their own strength and aware of what they can do.

Producer Mustafa Uslu thanked everyone who gave financial and moral support to the film, saying they made a wonderful film, which is a five-year project.

Director Ömer Faruk Sorak also said that they tried to do their best with the actors in the film.

Actress Deniz Can Aktaş noted that after a difficult period, they did a good job with a crowded team.

The film will be released in Turkey on October 21.

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