Swedish and Finnish foreign ministers to visit Turkey to discuss Ankara’s concerns over NATO membership


Since Turkey is not in favor of the entry of Sweden and Finland into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the foreign ministers of the two Nordic countries have decided to go to Turkey to allay Ankara’s concerns. The Swedish Foreign Ministry has announced that the Swedish and Finnish foreign ministers plan to visit Turkey soon for talks aimed at overcoming Ankara’s objections to the two Nordic countries joining NATO.

According to information from TT News, Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde and Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto will meet their Turkish counterpart Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu in Istanbul to discuss their NATO membership. Sweden has said it will send a diplomatic mission to Turkey to discuss the country’s NATO membership as well as Turkey’s concerns, following informal talks with Turkey on the sidelines of an NATO conference. NATO in Berlin.

Linde previously said the group would visit Turkey and be sent to Ankara as soon as possible to assess the ruling Social Democratic Party’s decision to join NATO. Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said they will send a group of diplomats to Turkey to hold conversations and dialogue so they can see how this can be resolved and what it is really about.

Turkey concerned about the arrival of Sweden and Finland in the group

Turkey had expressed concern over Sweden and Finland joining the group, saying the two nations had served as havens for terrorist groups such as the PKK and its Syrian offshoot, the YPG. Turkey has demanded that the Nordic countries stop supporting terrorist groups operating on their soil. Turkey’s foreign minister said on Sunday that discussions with his Swedish and Finnish counterparts in Berlin had been fruitful and that the two countries had come up with ideas to address Ankara’s concerns, which Turkey would consider.

Following Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine, Sweden’s ruling Social Democrats have overturned their 73-year-old resistance to NATO membership and are aiming for early membership. Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said on Monday that her country would join Finland in applying for NATO membership. Finland also said on Sunday that it would apply to join the military alliance. Turkey, on the other hand, said it would reject the candidacies of Finland and Sweden, adding that these countries are havens for terrorist organizations.

Image: AP

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