Ring expeditions have started between Ankara courthouses

Ring expeditions have started between Ankara courthouses

The EGO General Directorate of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has launched circular services to provide easy access to courthouse buildings in four different districts. Rings with line number 143; It serves the road to the courthouses of Söğütözü, Balgat and Dışkapı, leaving in front of the courthouse in Sıhhiye.

Because Ankara’s courthouses are located in 4 different districts, the Metropolitan Municipality came to the aid of citizens of the capital, who had transportation difficulties.

General Directorate EGO; After intense requests for buses from citizens, attorneys and courthouse staff, he took action and began bell services between courthouse buildings.

circular bus line 143; Departing from stop numbered “12759” in front of Sıhhiye courthouse, it goes to Söğütözü, Balgat and Dışkapı courthouses respectively. Ring services are held between 8:00:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

The 27-kilometer route of the circular buses, which provide transport services between the courthouses of Sıhhiye, Söğütözü, Balgat and Dışkapı, is as follows:

“Sıhhiye Courthouse, Ankara Commerce Courthouse, Family, Children and Consumer Courts Annex Building, Ankara Courts and Enforcement Offices Söğütözü Additional Services Building, Ankara Courthouse Building Additional Service Buildings Balgat, Mevlana Boulevard, İsmet İnönü Boulevard, Atatürk Boulevard, Sıhhiye Courthouse, Ankara Courthouse Diskapi Additional Service Building.


With the scheduled flights, the transport of lawyers and citizens who have a job at the Courthouse has been facilitated.

Providing information on the new bell services, Ali Arslan, Regional Bus Operations Manager of EGO Branch, said, “We have completed our line and route studies in accordance with the demands of our citizens. and courthouse staff. Citizens can use bus number 08.00 in front of Sıhhiye Courthouse, Söğütözü, Balgat and Dışkapı Courthouse at one-hour intervals from 5:00:143 in the morning to 143:143 in the evening.

Stating that one of Ankara’s biggest problems is the disorganization of the courthouse buildings, Ankara Bar President Mustafa Köroğlu said:

“We have serious transport problems to the buildings. Citizens should have easy access to the courthouse at the access point. Due to the scattering of buildings, many people go to the wrong buildings. We had meetings with President Mansur. I hope that such a service will be beneficial for judges, prosecutors, lawyers, staff and citizens. We thank the Metropolitan Municipality.


Courthouse staff and citizens using the 143 Perimeter Line also expressed their satisfaction with the shipments with the following words:

Yasar driver: “It’s been a very useful app for citizens with cases and lawyers trying to catch up on court hearings.”

Leila Ergul: “I have business at the courthouse from time to time. I heard about the flights starting on social media and started using it today. It will be very convenient for us to have direct transportation.

Aykut Donmez: “Very precise and on-site service. I had a job at the Söğütözü courthouse. I heard about the bus this morning and now we provide easy transportation. I want to thank everyone who contributed.”

Nazire Sultan Pirildar: “My lawyer. We have several courthouses. The transport is very difficult, we had to commute with several documents. At the moment, we will be able to reach via one vehicle. As the places of the palaces courthouses were changing, people were going to the wrong courthouses and had transportation problems. Citizens will now be able to track their cases more easily and find the right courthouse. This has been a very helpful service in terms of transportation.


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