Orijin is about to storm the Big Brother house with a theme party in Ankara | The culture keeper


Big Brother Naija’s Season 7 show ‘Level Up’ is in full swing and all eyes are on the housemates who are ready to rock the dance floor and represent their true roots on Saturday the 13the August 2022 for the highly anticipated Original BBN Party. On the theme of the Orijinal Ankara party, roommates are expected to show off their creativity while rocking beautiful blends of the much revered African print – the Ankara fabric.

Orijin, a brand always proud to support authenticity and originality, as it is proudly Naija and designed for those who are proud of their culture, offers housemates a wholesome house party experience where the true essence of culture African will be celebrated. through fashion, music and dance.

Saturday promises to be a show for housemates and viewers who will be treated to the most original music – DJ sounds coupled with live band sets, energetic dance moves, fashion trends from the new school and, of course, the irresistibly delicious tastes of Orijin variants including the new Orijin Tigernut & Ginger, Orijin Classic, cocktails with Orijin Bitters and Orijin Gin.

Viewers are also encouraged to join in the Ankara-themed party experience by showing up in their various Ankara styles, alongside their favorite bottle/can of Orijin while recording a video of themselves themselves enjoying the party. Consumers are invited to post the recorded video on social media using the hashtag #OrijinalBBNParty and tag the @Orijin_nigeria handle for a chance to win surprise rewards.

For more information on the Orijinal Big Brother Naija Party, follow @orijin_nigeria on Instagram or https://www.facebook.com/orijinNigeria.

You can also follow the hashtags for more – #BBNaijaOriginalparty #StayOriginal.


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