Minister Palkovics discusses defense cooperation in Ankara


Drones, armored vehicles and solar panels, Hungary wants to increase its cooperation with Turkey in the fields of defense and energy.

Hungarian Minister of Technology and Industry László Palkovics discussed bilateral defense cooperation with his Turkish counterpart, Mustafa Varank in Ankara on Monday.

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László Palkovics and Mustafa Varank in Ankara (Photo via Facebook/TIM)

Previously, Hungary decided to produce various military equipment with the participation of foreign technological partners. “One of the most important of these projects is the production of four-wheel drive armored fighting vehicles, which is due to start in October,” Palkovics told Hungarian news agency MTI, adding that they had discussed the details. technology for this project.

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The ministers also discussed how they could develop and further expand military cooperation to include equipment of which Turkey is one of the main producers. These include drones, unmanned aerial vehicles and their armaments. According to plans, production will begin under a joint venture in Kaposvár, Palkovics said.

Energy was also a major topic during the Ankara talks. According to the Hungarian minister, Turkey has a strong industry to support energy production, for example the manufacture of solar panels or other components connected to the electricity grid. “We want to incentivize Turkish companies to produce these components and solar panels in Hungary,” Palkovics added.

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