Iftar Ramadan Food from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Ramadan Food

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has prepared special iftar meals for the month of Ramadan in accordance with the understanding of the social municipality. The Department of Social Services has set up food distribution points at the exit of metro stations and ANKARAY, so that citizens using the rail systems can take their fast-breaking meals on the road. ABB, which will distribute free food parcels to citizens during the month of Ramadan, will offer hot soup on Fridays and Saturdays during iftar hours, as well as tea and Turkish delights 7 days a week at the Hacı Bayram Mosque- in Veli.

With the arrival of Ramadan, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will distribute free iftar food items at designated points for 30 days.

Department of Social Services; It has set up food distribution points at 2 different metro exits in Kızılay, Beytepe and AKM metro stations, and Beşevler, Dikimevi and AŞTİ ANKARAY stations.


ABB has prepared food parcels for citizens who use rail systems to return home from work or school, so they can open their fast-breaking meals.

Adnan Tatlısu, head of the social services department, said the contents of the rations, including sandwiches, dates, water and juices, will change daily on the first day, and gave the following information on the request :

“As the Department of Social Services, we have started distributing food parcels at 2 different metro exits in Kızılay, Beytepe and AKM metro stations, and at the exit of Beşevler, Dikimevi and AŞTİ ANKARAY stations so that citizens who use the rail systems to get to their homes from their jobs can have their fasts fast. Our fellow citizens can benefit from this application during the month of Ramadan. I wish all our fellow citizens a happy Ramadan.


The inhabitants of Başkent, who were on the road at the time of the iftar and showed great interest in food, expressed their satisfaction with this application initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality with the following words:

Sefa Kasim Ulas: “It’s a good app, after all, I’m leaving work, I won’t be able to go home in 10 minutes. This way I can open my iftar on the way.

Arif Ozkan: “Good app. It’s a very, very good app on tight days. God bless those who contributed.

Mucel Turkozmen: “Very well thought out. The content is also very good, it has up to date. Thank you very much Mr President. May everyone have a good Ramadan, may Allah accept it”

Sakine Yigit: “Very well thought out president. We thank you.”

Oguz Senturk: “Very good candidacy, I thank President Mansur.”

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will also offer hot soup prepared in BELPA kitchen, tea and Turkish delights 7 days a week to citizens on Fridays and Saturdays at Hacı Bayram-ı Veli Mosque during Ramadan.


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