Green themed “Greeny Game Jam” event outfit

The first green-themed ‘Greeny Game Jam’ event was held in Ankara

Continuing its support for the IT sector and young IT, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has signed the capital’s first environmental game competition. “Greeny Game Jam”, organized by Ankara Inovatif Teknoloji AŞ, one of ABB’s subsidiaries, and IT department in cooperation with METU GATES, Gazi DOTT and METU Design Group, was held at North Star TechBridge.

The Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara, which has signed numerous projects to make Ankara the capital of technology, continues to be an example for all of Turkey with the technological centers it has opened, while continuing to support the IT sector and young IT professionals.


Ankara Inovatif AŞ, one of ABB’s subsidiaries, and the IT department; METU GATES, in collaboration with Gazi DOTT and METU Design Community, organized the capital’s first environmental games competition. At the free “Greeny Game Jam” event held October 21-23 at the North Star TechBridge; Computer industry workers and university students showed great interest.


In the event that it lasted 3 days without interruption; The Metropolitan Municipality provided competitors with breakfast and dinner. Tayfun Tanju Kara, Chairman of the Board of Ankara Innovative Technology AŞ, who briefed on the event, said:

“A playwriting competition. Green theme. Here, other software developers have competed by writing their games on the theme of ecology. We hosted as Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara. We try to provide all kinds of support to young entrepreneurs to realize the ideas of our president on IT, Mansur Yavaş.

At the end of the competition, the head of the information technology department, Gökhan Özcan, who awarded his prizes to the 3 teams ranked in the competition, said: “I bring you greetings from our mayor of the metropolitan municipality of Ankara, Mansur Yavaş, who loves young people and computers. We want you to know that we will always support our young people. We congratulate all of our teams,” he said.


Young people participating in the Greeny Game Jam event said that it is very important to support computer activities and expressed their thoughts with the following words:

-Serhat Taratorak: “I am taking part in the Gazi University competition. It was a very good competition. Everyone here was very friendly and warm. It’s beautiful in the middle. Thank you for everything.”

-Melih Tuna: “I study at METU. First participation in a gamejam. It was the best event held in Ankara. It is very nice to have attended my first event in such a place. Supporting such events is very important. There are those who consider playing games to be ridiculous, but it is very good that we are supported by such activities. Thanks.”

-Cem Buğra Yıldız: “It is good that such a center has been built. To support future events. I see it as a door of opportunity. The environment is very pleasant and comfortable. Thanks.”

-Yaren Çetinkaya: “This is the second time I’ve come here, it’s a very pleasant environment. Comfortable and intimately connected to nature, it is a very suitable center for such events. The green theme amused us a lot. Thanks.”

-Oğuz Hüseyin Kayalı: “I am taking part in the Izmir competition. I was very excited that the place was so green and technology was intertwined with green. The contest is the first green-themed contest. It was a first for me too. Thank you for everything.”


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