Free foreign language support for children in Ankara Metropolitan

Free foreign language support for children in Ankara Metropolitan

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which prioritizes equal opportunities in education, will provide free English language training to children in the capital in cooperation with the Seda Yekeler Education Foundation (SEYEV). In the first stage, Esertepe, Ottoman, Elvankent, Sincan and Kahramankazan A total of 15 students will benefit from the acquisition of the English language, which will start in the centers of family life (AYM). In the second phase of the project, students will receive foreign language training in camps with 3 days accommodation in the Kesikköprü recreation center during the summer holidays.

Continuing its “student-friendly” practices in line with its conception of the social municipality, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to the works that will ensure equal educational opportunities in the capital.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented numerous projects ranging from free Internet service to children receiving distance education in 918 neighborhoods, to a 50% reduction in water bills, discounted student subscription cards to solving the housing problem, will now provide free foreign language teaching support to students in the capital.


In cooperation with the Seda Yekeler Education Foundation (SEYEV), children aged 7 to 17 will learn English with different methods at Family Life Centers (AYM) within the Metropolitan Municipality.

In the announcement made on the social media accounts of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, “Now is the time for English for our children in the capital. In the first stage, Esertepe, Ottoman, Elvankent, Sincan and Kahramankazan We start English courses for a total of 1000 students in our family life centers. We are waiting for our parents before our Constitutional Courts for petitions”.


The Department of Family and Women’s Services will continue to accept applications from those wishing to receive an education in English until the semester break, which begins on January 24, 2022.

The courses given by the expert trainers of the Metropolitan Municipality and the volunteers of the SEYEV will take place on weekends (Saturday-Sunday) for the acquisition of English, which will start from February and will last 3 months.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş and SEYEV President Seda Yekeler for implementing the project with the slogan “You can talk too”, which will enable children studying in the capital to s open to the world on January 17, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. at the Metropolitan Municipality Conference Hall, where families and children will take part. will attend the signing ceremony of the cooperation protocol.

After the foreign language training, which will end in May, the second phase of the project will be carried out with accommodation. Students will learn the language and spend their free time participating in the 15-day camps which will be held at the Kesikköprü Leisure Center during the summer holidays.


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