Economy and Climate Change Summit in Ankara on March 30

Economy and Climate Change Summit in Ankara on March 30

The EKO CLIMATE summit with a “green movement” under the coordination of the AKK in Ankara will be held at the ATO congress on March 30-31. Stating that the first climate fair will be held in Ankara, AKK Board Chairman Halil İbrahim Yılmaz said, “With the experience of the 11th century in Anatolia, ‘A Green Movement’, during the EKO İKLİM summit, which will take place at the ATO Congress on March 30-31 A few days before the Change Summit/Fair, the excitement is also increasing.

In addition to welcoming distinguished guests, the historic summit will also host the world’s first climate fair. In 35 sessions, 240 speakers will explain what needs to be done for the future of the world at the summit, and everyone will be informed of their responsibilities in the fight.

Change is inevitable…

During the 20th century, our world changed at an extraordinary rate. Technology has developed at an incredible speed. The production capacity has increased so much that it forces us to dream. On the contrary, our natural environment was constantly losing blood. Today, we are at the decision stage. Either we will prepare for the end of the world by continuing our habits of production and consumption, or we will begin the period of “green transformation” and “circular economy”. As representatives of a cartel that issued an Environmental Cleanup Act in 1539, established a recycling facility in 1937, and raised its children with the motto “If you knew the apocalypse would come, plant the young tree in your hand”, we choose the second way. Like the fourth cemre, to fall into minds and hearts; We are preparing to contribute to the “green awakening” process.

In order to raise awareness about the mandatory “green transformation” for the real sector, we are organizing the EKO İKLİM: Economy and Climate Change Summit and Exhibition on March 30-31 at the ATO Congress. We invite all those who are aware that we do not do better than what we destroy, and who say: “May the beauty we have remain as it was yesterday, so tomorrow” to build the future.

Ankara, which was declared the capital by the Great Atatürk and where the greatest breakthroughs of modern Turkey have taken place; In addition to education, culture, art, literature, production, technology-industry and tourism, we want it to be the capital of “green development and employment green”.
We bring together heads of state, ambassadors, ministers, mayors, financial institutions, SMEs, export unions, organized industrial zones, universities, nature-conscious artists, more than a hundred media, students and thousands of climate ambassadors through the same lens. We are delighted to announce to the world the experiences of 35 centuries of Anatolia, the cradle of civilizations, where 240 speakers will speak in 11 sessions.

The few values ​​we stack on top of each other are far more important than the hundreds of values ​​we stack together.

I invite all our fellow citizens, from 7 to 77 years old, to the EKO CLIMATE Summit and the first Global Climate Change Fair, where we will bring together the knowledge of humanity and which we organize with a participatory culture.


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