Downpour in Turkish capital causes flash flooding and kills 1


A downpour in the capital Ankara caused the Tatlar stream to overflow and flash floods across the city in heavy rain as search and rescue teams recovered the body of a person caught in the floodwaters.

The Tatlar stream in Altındağ Karapürçek district overflowed due to heavy rains and many vehicles were washed away by the flood waters.

Ilkay Yiğit, 27, who works as a shuttle driver at a rehabilitation center, was swept away by floodwaters.

As soon as the loss was reported, a 21-person Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) team and a 23-person Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) team were dispatched to the area.

Following sustained search efforts by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, Yiğit’s lifeless body was found at the edge of the stream, among tree branches which were also washed away by the flood waters.

A man takes refuge at a bus stop in a flooded street, Ankara, Turkey, June 11, 2022. (AA Photo)

Some underground passages were filled with water due to rainfall throughout the city. There were also traffic disruptions on some avenues, boulevards and streets.

Citizens caught in the downpour at subway stations and downtown bus stops waited a few minutes for the rain to stop.

Çankaya was one of the areas hardest hit by the downpour. Rainwater has turned the valley of Kırkkonaklar district into a river.

Due to the darkening clouds, the city was plunged into darkness for some time. When the waters rose after the rain, some citizens tried to cross the street by taking off their shoes.

While some trees were felled in Atakule and its surroundings, it had a negative impact on traffic, some trees were also felled in Dikmen, Keçiören, Etimesgut and Balgat, and material damage was caused to vehicles.

The roof of a building on Ceyhun Atıf Kansu Street flew off and first hit the opposite building with a strong wind, then fell on a car parked on the road.

The windows of some apartments in the building, where the roof hit, were shattered and the exterior of the building was damaged. The pieces that broke off from the roof and the building he hit caused property damage to other parked vehicles.

Vehicles struggle on flooded roads, in Ankara, Turkey, June 11, 2022. (AA Photo)

Vehicles struggle on flooded roads, in Ankara, Turkey, June 11, 2022. (AA Photo)

Crews from the Metropolitan Municipality began cleaning work on the street where police took precautions.

A freight elevator belonging to a transport company in Alacaatlı fell into the neighboring building while transporting goods.

The road was closed to traffic after the underpass at the General Staff junction filled with water. Traffic was also cut in part of Kazım Karabekir Street.

A person was trapped under a vehicle that was dragged through a flooded street in Mamak. The injured citizen was rescued by nearby people and taken to hospital.

A multi-vehicle collision involving 14 vehicles occurred at the Etimesgut State District underpass. Debris and stones were swept into the streets.

Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavaş tweeted that 35 people had been rescued. It reported flooding in 300 locations, 35 fallen trees and the collapse of 23 roofs and three utility poles. More than 3,000 employees continue to work in the affected areas.

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