At the Ankara UNESCO World Heritage Film Festival

At the Ankara UNESCO World Heritage Film Festival

In collaboration with the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara and the Department of Communication and Design of Bilkent University, the values ​​of the capital inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List have been transformed into a short film. “Ankara Films” met moviegoers as part of the 33rd Ankara Film Festival.

The Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara continues its efforts to unearth areas with tourist potential in the capital.

The Ankara Film Festival, which met moviegoers for the 33rd time, this year hosted the first screening of “Ankara Films” prepared by ABB and students from the Department of Communication and Design of the University of Bilkent.

In “Ankara Films”, the buildings and districts of the capital, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, were explained to art lovers through a short film.


Within the scope of the project; Films were shot for “Gordion, Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque, Temple of Augustus and Surroundings”, “Arslanhane Mosque, Historic City of Beypazarı” and “Republican Era of Ankara: Atatürk Boulevard” which is being worked on to be added to the list. The students produced their short films for the project, which was made by teachers from the Department of Communication and Design of Bilkent University under the guidance of experts and academicians from the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

Speaking ahead of the screening of “Ankara Films”, which met the audience, Bekir Ödemiş, Head of ABB’s Cultural and Natural Heritage Department, said: “We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue. I hope that we will continue our work in this direction within the framework of film festivals. I bring you the greetings of our president, Mansur Yavaş. Next year is the centenary of our Republic and Ankara. I believe that all these efforts will greatly contribute to the centenary year. I greet you all with respect and love.


For the project, for which the preparations for the book continued, the students of Bilkent University visited the works of UNESCO values ​​​​of Ankara, the Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque, the Arslanhane Mosque and the Atatürk Boulevard and received detailed information from the expert teams of the Department of Cultural and Natural Resources. Inheritance.

The Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage continues to work on a book in the form of a catalog which describes the brief history of the sites and structures of Ankara on the Temporary World Heritage List. The book should be published in English and Turkish.

Prepared works; It is planned to use the cultural properties of the “temporary list” for the passage to the “permanent list” during the diplomatic meetings which will be held in Ankara and at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.


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