Ankara’s summer festivals and concerts continue in October

Ankara’s summer festivals and concerts continue in October

Bringing together famous artists and music groups with their Başkent fans with the “Ankara Summer Festivals and Concerts”, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality also continues its series of concerts in October.

In addition to the concerts in which famous names such as Zakkum, Oğuz Aksaç and Hüseyin Kağıt will take the stage, the City Orchestra will also present a musical feast to the citizens.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to bring citizens of the capital together with cultural and artistic activities.

Hosting various concerts throughout the summer, Ankara will meet popular artists in October with the “Ankara Summer Festivals and Concerts” organized by the Department of Culture and Social Affairs.


While the concert programs that will take place throughout the capital will create a festive atmosphere in the neighborhoods, fairgrounds will be set up for children.

The program of concerts that the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will bring together the inhabitants of the capital on weekdays and weekends is as follows:

-7 October Friday Time: 19.00-Mehter Band-Nallıhan Cumhuriyet Square

-8 October Saturday Time: 19.00-Hüseyin Kagit-Xinjiang Wonderland

-8 October Saturday Time: 19.00-Oğuz Aksaç-Nallıhan Cumhuriyet Square

-October 14 Friday Time: 19.00-City Orchestra-Herokazan Tuesday Market Square

-October 15 Saturday Time: 20.00-Karya Çandar/22.00-Zakkum- Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus

-October 15 Saturday Time: 19.00-Güdüllü Ergün- Kahramankazan Tuesday Market Square

-Friday 21 October Time: 19.00-City Orchestra-Şereflikoçhisar Tuesday Market Square In front of the courthouse

-Saturday, October 22, Time: 7.00 p.m.-City Orchestra-Universe Market place

– Sunday, October 23: 7:00 p.m.-Nurdan İpek-Evren Marketplace


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