Ankara’s state-owned bread factory produces fresh gluten-free bagels and pastries

Ankara’s state-owned bread factory produces fresh gluten-free bagels and pastries

Ankara’s state-owned bread factory broke new ground in the capital. On May 9, World Celiac Day, she produced fresh gluten-free bagels and fresh pastries for Başkent residents with celiac disease for the first time.

Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş shared on his social media accounts: “We have started producing fresh bagels and fresh gluten-free pastries for our fellow citizens with celiac disease in Ankara. Halk Bread Factory, which ended the craving for gluten-free hot bagels for celiac patients of all ages, from 7 to 70, showcased its new products with its breakfast organization.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed projects that prioritize “human health” in accordance with the understanding of social municipality, has not forgotten citizens with celiac disease.

Ankara’s public bread factory, which united the public bread kiosk where gluten-free products were sold to the capital’s residents in the first place, now produced fresh hot bagels and soft cakes for the first time for patients celiacs.

During the introduction of new products with the organization of the breakfast held at the GIMAT public bread factory on May 9, World Celiac Day, the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, shared on his social media accounts: “Fresh bagels and gluten-free fresh cheesecakes for our compatriots with celiac disease. in Ankara. We started producing cakes,” he said.


General Manager of People’s Bread Tamer Eski, Chairman of Celiac Association Şebnem Ercebeci Çınar, Chairman of Celiac Association of Ankara Mehmet Tanrıseven, Lecturer from Gülhane Training and Research Hospital Prof. Necati Balamtekin, celiac patients and their relatives attended the breakfast and, for the first time, gluten-free hot bagels and cakes were served.

Tamer Eski, General Manager of Halk Bread, participated in the breakfast program where gluten-free eclairs, cookies, cupcakes and pastries are also offered, saying they will increase the variety of gluten-free products and said:

“On this special day, we wanted to satisfy our celiac patients’ desire for hot gluten-free bagels for years. We continue to produce gluten-free bread, bread flour, bagels, 2 types of biscuits and biscuits for our celiac patients in a separate isolated facility within the factory and where hygiene measures are taken at highest level. We offered our celiac patients to taste simit, fresh cakes, eclairs, cupcakes and pastries produced for the first time in Halk Ekmek. We will soon put these new gluten-free products on sale in our GIMAT Başkent market and Batıkent branch.

Drawing attention to the importance of local government services for celiac patients, Prof. Dr. While Necati Balamtekin, Senior Lecturer at Gülhane Training and Research Hospital, said: the only valid method of treatment in celiac disease is gluten-free diet therapy”, President of the Celiac Association, Şebnem Ercebeci Çınar, said: “Halk Ekmek, who invited us to this event on the occasion of the World Celiac Day on May 9 and brought us together at the gluten-free breakfast event. I want to thank General Manager Tamer Eski,” he said. Mehmet Tanrıseven, Chairman of Ankara Celiac Association, thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the practices of celiac patients and made the following assessments:

“A few years ago, gluten-free bread was not distributed to people in need in Ankara. We as Celiac Association of Ankara asked our President Mansur Yavaş and started distributing gluten-free bread to those who needed it. During the pandemic period, our President Mansur Yavaş started distributing gluten-free bread to everyone’s homes, I thank him again.


Capital residents with celiac disease, who attended the breakfast held at the People’s Bread Factory, expressed their thoughts after enjoying the fresh hot bagel they tasted for the first time:

Coskun Evci: “I am very happy to participate in the breakfast organized for us. We tried the hot bagel. I would like to thank everyone who contributed.”

Gulnur Karaca: ”I loved the breakfast event, the bagel was very good. I would like to thank our President Mansur Yavaş.”

Emine Deniz: “I’m so happy today, I feel like I’ve fallen into heaven.”

Nourten Sargin: “Breakfast is very good, I haven’t eaten a bagel like this in years. The taste is also very good, thank you all.


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