Ankara urges US to provide F-35 jets and Patriot systems ‘without preconditions’


The United States should readmit Ankara into a joint F-35 fighter jet program and provide Patriot missile defense systems to the country “without conditions”, Turkey’s presidential communications director Fahrettin Altun has said.


Altun wrote an op-ed in the US daily Wall Street Journal in response to another opinion piece suggesting that “Turkey should send Russian-made S-400 missile defense systems to Ukraine.”

In his op-ed, titled “Turkey says there is no S-400 deal for Ukraine”, Altın said that while such a deal was “pretty unrealistic today, this idea provides an opportunity to discuss the problems Turkey has had recently with the West.” .”

“Turkey, which views European Union membership as a strategic goal and is proud of its NATO membership, expects to be treated by the West as it deserves. It would take confidence-building measures, not so-called informal proposals, to repair the relationship.

Turkey paid $1.4 billion for the fighter jets, but Washington pulled Ankara from the program in 2019 because Turkey bought Russia’s S-400 defense system after its efforts to acquire US Patriot missiles failed. been pushed back.

The United States claimed that the Russian system posed a security risk, but Turkey argued that the S-400 would pose no threat to NATO or its armaments because it would not be integrated into NATO systems. alliance.

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