Ankara University in Turkey launches NFT course


Ankara University is the first university in Turkey to to offer a non-fungible token (NFT) program. The newly launched conference attracted a large number of high-ranking government figures.

As stated earlier, Ankara University is the first Turkish university to offer cryptology studies. According to the daily Hürriyet, senior officials from the presidential administration and the Ministry of Culture were present during the inaugural class on non-fungible tokens.

Ankara sets an example for educational institutions

The university’s decision comes after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tasked the country’s Justice and Development Party with looking into cryptocurrency developments. Additionally, his December revelation that Turkey was working on crypto legislation fueled the action.

“We are happy to educate about NFTs,” Ankara University Rector Necdet Ünüvar said, “but our students are happier than us.” Bura Ayan is currently teaching the course “Introduction to NFT”.

The conference was attended by Zgül Zkan Yavuz, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism. The seminar was also attended by Ali Taha Koç, the head of the Digital Transformation Office of the Turkish Presidency.

“We believe that NFT will stimulate children’s creative creativity, abilities and talents,” Yavuz remarked at the event.

Ali Taha Koç said his office is working on several other digital projects. “Don’t think of NFT as a purely technological problem. “NFT also has a legal component, so we will need to think about how this will affect our business processes,” he added.

According to Koç, his department is currently developing a Turkish word for NFTs. He also invited students to contribute their own ideas to the project.

“Everyone should participate and give another name to NFT,” he said after announcing his intention to launch a vote on social media.

As more and more countries accept cryptocurrencies, the popularity of the industry is proliferating. Turkey, on the other hand, provides crypto-related training to its citizens as part of the adoption process.

As a result, the Turkish University of Ankara has officially announced the availability of an NFT course. As a result, Ankara University is the first university in Turkey to offer a bitcoin course. This head-turning action will trigger a trigger among other universities to adopt it as well.


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