Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will design the city’s future with young people

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will design the city’s future with young people

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality invites university students and young entrepreneurs to find solutions to the city’s problems with the “Original Project Competition”. The competition, which is categorized into two categories as “Independent Project” and “ABB Special Project” forms.ankara.bel.t is Requests can be made at.

Continuing its work in line with the common spirit, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality this time launched a call to design the future of the capital with students and young entrepreneurs.

ABB organizes the “Original Projects Competition” for university students and young entrepreneurs. In the competition organized for university students and young entrepreneurs; undergraduates, graduates, doctoral students and young entrepreneurs who own businesses can participate.

Young people from Başkent who wish to participate in the contest can apply via


The competition organized to solve the problems of the city; It will take place in two categories, “Free Project” and “ABB Special Project”.

In the “Freelance Project” category; “transportation and public transport, infrastructure, drinking water and sanitation, environment, green spaces, parks, sports, vertical farming, smart agriculture, production functions, renewable energy, internet of things, data collection and data security, planning and governance , digital in everyday life Innovative projects where functional solutions are produced with alternatives and projects under the sign of “sustainability” will be evaluated.

Topics in the “ABB Special Project” category are:

“Energy saving in municipal institutions by generating energy from natural sources, mapping Ankara’s subsoil, detecting sewer/water loss faults, measuring water pollution environment and suggesting solutions, measuring noise pollution and suggesting solutions, measuring air pollution and suggesting solutions, green and sports spaces determination of the needs of the territory according to the population, classification solid waste, detection of illegal dumping, detection of illegal excavation sites, functional and sustainable assessment of municipal and environmental waste, smooth travel planning to organize buses according to the rush hour, intelligent transport planning, determination non-stop needs of transit lines, intelligent data collection methods and their adaptation to platforms A BB, fire stations and route optimization, systems capable of predicting possible disaster situations, location-based assessment of street life and needs and resolution.


Project proposals will be received during the 1st stage of the competition. Each project that enters the top 10 will immediately receive 15,000 TL and 2,000 TL, the rest of which will be in the 40th stage, and workspace in ABB Technology Centers. Projects; It will be evaluated in terms of original value and contribution, widespread impact and target audience, scientific method, feasibility (manpower, budget, time, risk analysis), applicability and regulatory compliance .

In the second stage of the competition, prototyping and piloting will be carried out. At this stage, 2,000 TL will be awarded as the first prize, 100,000 TL as the second prize and 75,000 TL as the third prize.

The deadline for the competition, which is a way for students and young people to showcase their talents in front of professionals and create career opportunities, has been set for November 15. Those wishing to participate in the contest can register at forms.ankara.bel. tr/ozgun-project-yarismasi.


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