Ankara ECO climate summit has started

Ankara ECO climate summit has started

The capital Ankara hosts the “ECO CLIMATE Summit”. The Mayor of Metropolitan Ankara, Mansur Yavaş, who spoke at the opening of the summit with 12,000 local and foreign participants, from heads of state to politicians, representatives of public institutions and organizations, NGOs, metropolitan mayors, artists, businessmen, academics, writers and journalists and representatives of professional chambers, said: gave important warnings. Stating that investments in line with the EU’s Green Deal approach should be concentrated and that fossil fuels should be phased out as soon as possible, Yavaş said: “If no action is taken against climate change, a loss annual economic growth of $2.05 trillion is expected. in 23.”

Organized for the first time in the capital under the leadership of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO), the “ECO CLIMATE Summit” welcomes 12,000 local and foreign participants.

At the “ECO CLIMATE: Economy and Climate Change Summit” organized at the ATO Congress, where all aspects of “Climate Change” and “Green Transformation” will be discussed; heads of state, politicians, metropolitan mayors, businessmen, academics, journalists, writers, bankers, artists and many NGO representatives.

The Mayor of Metropolitan Ankara, Mansur Yavaş, who attended the opening session of the summit, also drew attention to climate change and the approach to the climate crisis and issued important warnings.


ABB President Mansur Yavaş, who took the podium to applause, expressed his satisfaction that the summit was being held in Ankara and said, “I find it very valuable that Ankara has a pioneering city identity in this respect.

Noting that unusual events have taken place recently due to climate change, Yavaş said, “The increase in forest fires and floods, the extension of the duration and severity of drought, the increase in the level of the sea and the deterioration of the ecosystem negatively affect all of our lives, materially and morally. If no action is taken in this regard, it is estimated that by 2050 an annual economic loss of $23 trillion will occur.

Expressing that the cities’ lack of preparedness and investments in infrastructure, the urbanization process and the lack of planning in line with the climate crisis will increase the economic costs, Yavaş continued his speech as follows:

“To give an example of the city we live in, it is known that only 3% of the total area is inhabited in Ankara. 97% of our city is vacant land. We see together how much damage this blocked urbanization model has caused to Ankara. While it rains in one neighborhood, we often experience daily sunny weather in another. The moral impact of our citizens on wildfires, floods and droughts has no monetary value to us. Unfortunately, over the past few years, we have also suffered a great deal of loss of life due to the lack of adaptive approaches to climate change.


Recalling that Turkey is a party to the Paris climate agreement which entered into force in 2020 and stating that priority should be given to green transformation investments, Yavaş said:

“72% of the greenhouse gases that are causing the climate crisis in our country come from the energy sector. We must accelerate the purification of this sector, which relies on fossil fuels, from fossil fuels. Coal-fired power stations are being phased out in the European Union and in England. Our industrialists and farmers, who play a leading role in exports to the European Union, will soon be subject to the carbon tax at the border with the green deal approach. Instead of paying taxes to the EU at the border, investing in green transformation will both improve our national technology and improve our employment conditions.”

Stating that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has undertaken environmental projects, Yavaş said, “We contribute to our city and all humanity with Turkey’s first 100% domestic bus converted to international standards, our renewable energy center and environmental technologies, our green spaces and the activities we do for efficient use of water resources. .


ABB Chairman Mansur Yavaş, who was shown great interest by the attendees, also thanked Climate Ambassadors Beren Saat and Kenan Doğulu for their contributions to the summit, and presented a plaque.

In his speech at the slow plaque ceremony, he said, “This organization held in Ankara is very important for Ankara to become a brand for the whole world. On behalf of the people of Ankara, thank you for your contribution. We also listened to your complaints. Hopefully, with the EKO CLIMATE Summit, we will leave a beautiful country and a beautiful world to our grandchildren for future generations. Never lose hope. There are bright young people here, they will definitely do much better things than us,” he said.

300 national and international speakers will attend more than 20 sessions during the summit, which will continue for two days, including the booths of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Ankara City Council. There will also be B2B meetings, certified training programs, trainings, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, concerts and mini-shows at the summit.


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