Ankara calls for a united stance against all terrorist groups


Turkey called on the international community to oppose all terrorist groups without discrimination, noting that it is unacceptable to join forces with one terrorist organization in the fight against another.

Turkey believes that all terrorist organizations must be fought without discrimination in order to ensure international peace and security, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Friday.

Speaking to reporters on his return from Ukraine where he met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Erdoğan said Turkey resolutely continues its fight against the terrorist organization Daesh and the distorted mentality it represents on its way to ensure international peace and stability.

“In this context, we are actively contributing to international efforts. In addition, we have played a very important role in the decline of the terrorist organization Daesh with the operations we have carried out and the preventive measures we have taken, both at home abroad. As an active member of the International Coalition Against Daesh, our country will continue to actively contribute to international efforts to combat the terrorist organization.”

“On the other hand, we believe that all terrorist organizations should be fought without discrimination in order to ensure international peace and security,” he added.

In addition, Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgiç released the statement on Thursday evening following the killing of the leader of Daesh during a Thursday morning raid in northwestern Syria by US special forces.

Turkey’s determined stance and contributions in the fight against the Daesh terrorist group are evident, Bilgiç said.

Noting that Turkey plays an active role in the fight against Daesh and the deviant mentality it represents, Bilgiç stressed that all terrorist groups must be fought without discrimination, including Daesh, the PKK and the Gülenist terrorist group (FETÖ). , who orchestrated the defeated coup. July 15, 2016, in Turkey.

US President Joe Biden on Thursday delivered remarks on the counter-terrorism operation that resulted in the assassination of the leader of Daesh known as Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi.

Turkey was one of the first countries to declare Daesh a terrorist group. Since then, the country has been repeatedly attacked by the terrorist organization, which has carried out at least 10 suicide attacks, seven bomb attacks and four armed attacks, killing 315 people and injuring hundreds more. In response, Turkey launched counter-terrorism operations at home and abroad to prevent further attacks.

The PKK is a designated terrorist organization in the United States, Turkey and the European Union, and Washington’s support for its Syrian affiliate has strained bilateral relations with Ankara. The United States has primarily partnered with the Syrian branch of the PKK, the YPG, in northeastern Syria in its fight against the terrorist group Daesh. On the other hand, Turkey has firmly opposed the presence of the YPG/PKK in northern Syria. Ankara has long opposed US support for the YPG, a group that poses a threat to Turkey and terrorizes the local population, destroying their homes and forcing them to flee.

Under the pretext of fighting Daesh, the United States provided military training and supplied military support trucks to the YPG, despite the security concerns of its NATO ally. Emphasizing that you cannot support one terrorist group to defeat another, Turkey has carried out its own counter-terrorism operations, during which it has succeeded in eliminating a significant number of terrorists from the region.

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