Ankara angered by Greek PM’s speech to US Congress


Turkish leaders expressed annoyance at Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ speech to the joint session of the US Congress, with Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay calling it “theatre” and a “show”.

Oktay urged members of the US Congress to think twice before applauding Mitsotakis’ speech, which referenced Turkish revisionism and its 48 years of occupation and division of Cyprus. Oktay also claimed that Greece was violating Turkish airspace.

“In the United States Congress, which we call an allied country, we have watched, you have watched, the theater that has been played out over Turkey and the TRNC [the unrecognized entity in Turkish-occupied Cyprus],” he said. “They applaud the Greek Prime Minister who opposes the two-state solution in Cyprus. Pretending that there are no Turkish Cypriots on the island is a very unpleasant situation,” he added.

Oktay said Greece was playing a game regarding 12 miles of its territorial waters in the Aegean Sea and “constantly violating our airspace”.

“At a time when regional cooperation is more important than ever due to the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, everyone should think twice about what they stand for, what they support and what they say,” he pointed out.

In the current climate in Washington, Ankara believes it will be difficult to get Turkey’s F-16 modernization program approved.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reiterated that Ankara cannot approve Sweden and Finland joining NATO. Erdogan said diplomats from both countries “shouldn’t bother visiting the Turkish capital”, adding that “NATO expansion is only important for us at the level where our sensitivities will be respected. “.


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