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Princess Ronke Ademiluyi said Adire’s new development model has relegated Ankara, an iconic fabric of Indonesia, from the Nigerian market. She noted that Ankara was dumped on the African coast and because it was printed, that makes it very cheap. Ademiluyi said so during the relaunch of The Adire Oodua Textile Hub at the MUSON Center in Lagos. The Textile Hub was launched earlier in Ile Ife in March.

She said that; “I think the Adire has finally moved on, it has now driven out Ankara, which is not our own fabric. Many people did not know that Ankara is a fabric that we adopted from Indonesia. “It was dumped off the coast of Africa and because it was printed it’s very cheap. So a lot of people deleted Adire and they had this Ankara option.

“We also have the version printed in Chinese, which makes it cheap. We also have the Chinese who printed Adire. She added that the uniqueness of the handmade Adire is that “you will never see two of the same type, because the same person can make a fabric, but you will always see the differences in the pattern. “So even if you sign your own signature, if you sign it twice, there’s no way, it can’t be the same and that’s the special thing about Adire fabric. We have so many technologies, like both modern and ancient, from Batik to Alabere, Eleko, Oniko and many more. She further explained; “I will say that we are just adding to what has already been in the field.

Pioneers like Mummy Nike Okundaye, owner of the Nike Art Gallery, actually paved the way for us. “She has been using local fabrics for almost 50 years now and I have African fabrics 11 years ago. So she’s the one who made it very popular, very global, we just add a lot of technology, modernity, a lot of creativity, and vibrant colors to what already exists.

“So rather than chasing English, we’re trying to mix it up, we’re trying to create a synergy between the two, to let people know that we can use our archaic fabrics to make English clothing.” On its impact on the market, she said this; “When we started so far, we have sold our heritage fabrics to more than six countries around the world, countries like UK, USA, Canada, Brazil and all parts of the world who ask for Adire fabrics.” When asked why Adire is sold on wheels, she replied, “The Adire On Wheels is a mobile truck that is Adire branded and has so many Adire designs. We will also be offering workshop services to the public.

“So it allows us to tap into the creativity of women in the community to bring their work to life, so people can see, so it’s not limited to Ife or online only, so people can actually feel the texture and appreciate the design, so it’s going to go anywhere in Lagos.

“Adire on Wheel,” she added, “is a new project on the textile center of Adire Oduduwa, courtesy of His Imperial Majesty, Ooni of Ife Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, who never ceases to see the need for us empowering and supporting us. “We know a lot of people can’t come to Ife and we also know that Lagos is the center of excellence, the commercial center of Nigeria, so we decided to bring it to Lagos.”

The Ooni of Ife, who was at the revival in Lagos, said: “Our initiative is that we have 15 people per wheel and we have spread it all over the country, thanks to this our young people do not have need to seek employment.” Adire On Wheels was started as a facility to help women and young people use our heritage fabrics as a wealth creation project, to also teach them the creative, innovative and profitable skills of the industry To say.”


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