A musician killed in Ankara for not knowing the song


Onur Şener, a musician working in an entertainment venue in the capital Ankara, was killed by three people he argued with on the grounds that he did not know the song they were asking for.


A group, which came to the scene from the Çankaya neighborhood late on October 2, wanted Şener to play an encore.

Although the verbal argument that began after Şener said he didn’t know the song had turned into a physical fight, it ended when venue staff and patrons intervened.

Three people from the group beat Şener, who was returning home after closing time, with glass bottles.

At the request of citizens who witnessed the incident, the police separated the fight, but Şener, seriously injured by shards of glass in his throat, died in hospital despite all medical interventions.

Ankara Police Department teams have arrested three suspects related to the incident.

After the murder of Şener, who took part in a TV contest titled “O Ses Türkiye” (the Turkish version of The Voice) in 2013, messages of condolence poured in from the social media accounts of famous Türkiye artists.


Pop-rock star Emre Aydın wrote: “I’m really sorry, everything written is useless. I wish his family patience,” while pop star Gülben Ergen said, “I feel the pain of father-of-two Onur Şener deep in my heart and I curse the mentality that killed.


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