3 new metro lines are coming to Ankara! Signatures taken

3 new metro lines are coming to Ankara! Signatures taken

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has signed the contracts for the construction services of the 3 new metro lines project. Speaking at the signing ceremony, ABB Chairman Mansur Yavaş said public transport is essential for urbanization and hoped the projects would be beneficial for Ankara.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement projects that will expand the capital’s railway network.

New metro lines to the Kazan capitalABB, which has taken measures with the aim of increasing the number of lines, “Koru-Yaşamkent and Koru Bağlıca railway system extension lines of the M2 line”, “Extension line of the Martyrs-Forum Railway System of Line M4 ” and “Line M5 Kızılay-Dikmen Rail System Line and Kuğulu Park-Atakule-Turan Güneş Tenders held in August for the construction services of the Kazan “funicular line” have signed a contract with Turkish Engineering Consultancy and Contracting (TÜMAŞ) and ARUP.


At the contract signing ceremony held at the Presidency; ABB Chairman Mansur Yavaş, EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, TÜMAŞ Board Member Deniz Heperler and ARUP General Manager Serdar Karahasanoğlu were present.

In his speech at the signing ceremony, Yavaş highlighted the importance of public transport in terms of urbanization and said:

“The problem in Ankara is this; When we arrived, there was no ready-made project. We will start after the approval of the ministry for the Dikimevi-Natoyolu line, the project of which we have completed. We have set 12 months for the projects of these new lines. The number of vehicles is increasing. In terms of urbanization, public transport is essential. Everything is done for money, not for profit. I hope that those who come after us will pray a lot for us because of these projects… I wish them good luck. I wish you all success, all of us at the same time…”


EGO General Manager, Nihat Alkaş, who gave detailed information on the lines to be constructed, said: “Ankaray Line, 7.4 kilometers long, one of which is being completed by our municipality, is approved by the Ministry.The call for tenders for the construction will be made immediately.We have reached the signing phase of the works of the project concerning 26 lines of 3 kilometers in total.

M2 Çayyolu and M4 Keçiören Extension Lines Project tenders kazanan ARUP and M5 Line Kızılay-Dikmen Rail System Line and Kuğulu Park-Atakule-Turan Solar Funicular Line project tender kazanTPF GETINSA-TÜMAS partnership officials shared their thoughts on the topic with the words following:

-ARUP Director General, Serdar Karahasanoğlu: “Good luck for Ankara. We were very enthusiastic and fortunately Kazansteep. We want to serve Ankara in the best possible way. We’ll look at it again until we get to the travel numbers. The lines that we have undertaken being in the continuity of the existing lines, we will not be able to make too many modifications. As we said, we will complete all projects and have them ready within 12 months. We think there will be no problems.

Deniz Heperler, Board Member of TÜMAŞ: “As people of Ankara, we will be honored to serve Ankara and we believe that we will finish it on schedule by showing a very good performance. We are aware and aware of the importance of time and the importance of delivering a successful project within that time frame. Since ours is a new line, we may need a little more time regarding the route. However, we are confident that we can complete it in 12 months. Again, thank you very much.”


Through the extension of the M2015 Kızılay-Çayyolu line, which is included in Ankara’s urban transport master plan (with the target of 2014) and put into operation in 2, to Yaşamkent and Bağlıca on the western axis from the city, both bus transfers and vehicle traffic will decrease, while providing more comfortable transportation for passengers, while saving time. will be saved.

With the realization of the project, the line will be split into two after the existing Koru station and the joint station which will serve the Koru-Yaşamkent and Koru-Bağlıca herringbone lines. The Koru-Bağlıca line will also serve the university and the Bağlıca region on the route. The line is planned to consist of 7.72 kilometers and 5 stations.


As part of the Keçiören metro extension project, the Martyrs-Forum line, which is included in the projections of the “Transportation Master Plan” (Gazino-Forum), will be extended to the Forum area, where located the warehouse area, starting from the Martyrs, the last station of the Keçiören line operated north of the city. The line, which will serve Sanatorium Hospital, Ufuktepe and Ovacık regions on this axis, will facilitate uninterrupted transport on the entire North-South axis, with the project to extend the existing M4 line to ‘in Dikmen. The project will include 4 stations and 5.5 kilometers.

The line of the Kızılay-Dikmen railway system, planned as the M5 line, is expected to cover the part of the existing Keçiören line that extends to Dikmen in the south and consists of 13 kilometers and 10 stations.

In addition, the Kuğulu Park-Atakule-Turan solar funicular line, which will be transferred to Kuğulu Park metro station, will consist of 3 km and 3 stations.


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